On 9th of June eight puppies were born, they are beautiful and healty.

Is that a three males and five females. 1 female is pet (kinked tail), other are standard.

Obstetric weight puppies was 408 - 550 g.

Puppies for taking in are gonna be ready at the start of August.

From now we are already taking reservations for puppies:


Fahari Ranua is very beautiful, young dog with an excellent pedigree born in Czech republic.

10 6. We have the world one day!

Ennie grandmother helps care ...

9. 6. 2011 Today we were born!

shortly after birth ...

girl orange girl pink girl yellow girl red- pet (kinked tail)
weight after birth: 550 g weight after birth: 514 g weight after birth: 496 g weight after birth: 470 g
time birth: 9.6.2011.....3.15h time birth: 9.6.2011.....3.30h time birth: 9.6.2011.....3.45h time birth: 9.6.2011.....4.40h
boy black and white boy blue girl white boy brown
weight after birth: 472 g weight after birth: 450 g weight after birth: 408 g weight after birth: 498 g
time birth: 9.6.2011.....5.25h time birth: 9.6.2011.....8.15h time birth: 9.6.2011.....9.30h time birth: 9.6.2011.....13.20h