Litter G

February 24 2005 was realized the second mating of my female Ennie od Cykasu with finnish stud dog Dabobo Malozi (imported to the Czech Republik, breeding station Ranua). Dabobo is 3year old experienced stud dog with an ideal height 68 cm a bit shorter length (a form) well shaped and developed chest light red wheaten coated. The mating itself was performed without problems and now we'll be waiting for a sonograph examination (approximately for 25 days) that should show up if it has been succefful. In a positive case pupies should be born at the end of March. Handed over to their new homes at the end of May 2005.

NOTISE: Ennie's sonograph has confirmed she's with young (8-9 pupies on picture)!!!

52. day after mating

31. day after mating
40. day after mating
42. day after mating
45. day after mating